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Friday, 26 November 2010

Deconstruction of Emma for Rom-Com Task

  • The opening lasts 4 minutes and 14 seconds.
  • Non-diagetic classical music plays during the opening titles which could of become diagetic at the wedding scene (possible narrative enigma). Instruments used include, violin, cello and a flute etc. This signifies the time period.
  • Film name and opening titles written in old English font which also signify the time period.
  • A wedding is signified by the character's clothing, the wedding reception, propps and the colour of the flowers.
  • The furniture, costumes and language used all signify the time period the film is set in (19th Century).
  • Narration can be heard over the opening titles and music, which is non-diagetic.
  • Close-up of women hugging to signify their relationship.
  • Exposition of the film's location after the opening titles (between London and Highbury)

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