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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RS - Deconstruction of It

Stephen King's It (Tommy Lee Wallace, 1990)

Budget: Non given
Box Office: Non given

Due to originally being a two-part mini series made for TV.

  • Begins with an old theater, with the writing all wonky perhaps forshadowing something
  • Lightning in the background signifying a storm coming for foreshadowing things to happen
  • Clothes on washing line blowing in the wind of the storm coming
  • CU of cups/pots full of water and rain pouring into them
  • Girl on her tricycle peddling down the road and singing "incy wincy spider" which is ironic because the clown in the film lives in a drain
  • Her mother is taking the washing down and brining it inside, she sees her daughter and asks her to hurry because of the storm
  • The girl walks towards the front door but sees her doll in the middle of the path up to the door and stops to pick it up
  • She looks at it, but then hears laughing from behind the washing line, she stops and looks over to see the clown looking right at her.
  • The clown moves in for the kill
  • The mother walks out the door to get more washing to find her daughter has gone missing
  • The tricycle is just left on the path and she lets out a big scream ending the scene
 Techniques we can use from this opening:

  • We could get a character to say/sing something linked with what the film is about like "It" this could add a bit of humour to the film. The man could possibly sing the Top Gear tune seeing as our film is all about a man buying a car.

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