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Friday, 10 December 2010

How to improve the prelim for the coursework

Despite the good quality of our prelim, there are many aspects of it, which could be improved for the coursework itself. Firstly, the acting was mixed from my perspective, my partner's acting was alright, while mine however wasn't because I feel that the pitch of my voice was too deep. I believe that the quality of the acting is important, due to the fact that the higher the quality, the more people who take it seriously.

Another problem is the fact that we didn't use a tripod to film and because of this, we had a couple of shaky shots and having a tripod would of made the filming much better, since we could of had some still shots.

Finally, the last problem is that there weren't very many hints that our prelim was a Rom-com, since the box of Malteasers was the only thing which showed that our prelim was a Rom-com. There could of been more hints, such as more humor and signs of love.

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