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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

AN - Deconstruction of The Toolbox Murders

The Toolbox Murders (Dennis Donnelly, 1978)

Banned by the BBFC from 1982 to 2000 in the UK.
Budget: $185,000
Remake released in 2004 and rumored sequel to the remake in the works.
No Box Office grossing, due to being one of the many "video nasties".
Apparently, this film was based on a true story according to the film's epilogue.

  • The opening of the film is eight minutes and fifty-five seconds long.
  • The organ notes which play during the beginning of the film symbolise the film's budget.
  • The music which plays during the first half of the opening signifies tragedy and sadness, along with the film genre, due to the instruments used.
  • The red, Sans Seriff font used for the opening credits symbolises the film genre.
  • A religious speech plays on a car radio, while the car is being driven across a motorway.
  • Different shots are seen of the buildings residing on the highway.
  • At one point, the current scene stops playing and the sound of a car crash is heard, this shows that a flashback is about to take place.
  • Orange tint is used in the flashback to give an olden feel.
  • The flashback takes place where the "present" scene stopped, this signifies that the driver of the car could of be involved in the flashback.
  • The victim's arm movement shows that she is dead, due to the lifeless movement of the arm.
  • When the mysterious figure gets out of the car, there is a narrative enigma, since the face of the figure isn't seen making his identity unknown.
  • Another flashback plays when the figure walks past some flowers, this flashback is parallel to the "present" scene, due to the flowers.
  • The woman's speech in the apartment, makes the viewer think that she and the figure are related.
  • The drill symbolises horror and the fact that the figure is a killer.
  • The woman's smoking, drinking and flirting lead to her demise.
  • The music playing in the background during the killing gives off a comic effect.
  • The clothes of the killer show that he is middle class.
  • Point of view shots are used to show the killing from the killer's perspective.

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