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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Micro drama lessons

In the micro drama lessons we had, we learned about when to use the right camera angles at the right time, in order for a good shot. Besides that, we also learned that, you need to follow a story board, so that the filming of the product, goes well and you know how everything is suppose to happen in it, along with following a script in order to understand what to say and do in the film.

Filming multiple shots is another important thing we learned from these lessons because by filming more than one shot of a single scene, these shots can then be edited together, if one shots had a problem of some sort. Editing is another major thing we learned because it is an important aspect in media, so that things you don't want the audience to see in your production aren't shown. We learned how to use Imovie, in order to learn how to edit our films.

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