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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

From the process of constructing my media product, I have used many forms of technologies for the construction. These include different websites, such as, Blogger and Facebook which I used to report on the progress and development of my media product, so that people looking at the blog can know when the final version is coming and can give feedback, in order to help me and my group make it a better product. I also used YouTube and Facebook to share the media product around the world, so that I could get feedback from the rough cuts, sample footage and final product on what to improve and how I can put the improvements into play, as well as knowing people's opinions on the media product itself.

Other technologies I learnt about and used included the cameras. The cameras were a key ingredient needed, since we used them to film the footage we needed for our media products and upload them to the Macs, which we used to edit and upload our footage. Despite being on a low budget, I managed to achieve what I wanted for the media product, since the concept was based on reality, with no sci-fi or fantasy twists and I believed that the sense of realism from the concept was captured, despite me and my group being amateur film makers. I feel that the media product came out successfully, despite the low budget, but we weren’t aiming to be a high budget film, so we could be the next best horror/slasher film franchise because if that was the case, then we would have used viral marketing to show off our product, like we did with the use of Blogger, Youtube and Facebook, in order to obtain the feedback.

We also used certain software to edit our product. These software programmes included, IMovie in which we used to trim down certain shots and insert transitions, along with titles to make our product look good. We also used specific sound effects to our product, in order to create a sense of atmosphere. Garageband was used to compose the soundtrack to our film, in order to add atmosphere to the media product along with the IMovie soundtracks and the song from the Feedback, which made it look good, despite being low-budget work. However, if we were students back in the last decade, we would have difficulties with this process, since back then was a time when computers were just starting out, along with the cameras. So it would be a long process, due to the technology not being as advanced as today’s, since computers use to be a privilege to have, due to have, so only those who could afford it.


Technology changed the film business over time because digital filming became available over time and has now become the driving force of the film industry, due to its power. (This is what we used in our product) Now, 3D filming has come into play, which is being used in films such as Avatar (2009, James Cameron) and the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011, Michael Bay). In contrast, to when film making was in its first steps, the technology used included, hand cranked cameras and projectors which aren't as powerful as the cameras today, due to the methods of using them. Then during the 1920s sound film was introduced, which changed the industry forever because companies would be able to make films with complex stories and truly fleshed out characters, so that the audience would get the best experience from these films.

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