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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My media product shows two different social groups, wealthy middle class people and low class poor people. The mechanic is shown as being poor and working class because of his gritty style; this is denoted by his dirty, oil covered hands and the dirt covered boiler suit. However, it also shows men as being quite perverted because of the mechanic sniffing the girl’s underwear. This also shows some intertextual because it links in to the fact that mechanics and truck drivers tend to be quite perverse. Like the case of the truck driver who was prosecuted for murdering five prostitutes. The man is also seen as being a Yorkshire man; this is signified by his accent and his speech pattern and denotes that he is a proud British man.

The girl is depicted as being the final girl archetype because of the way she is dressed, like the jumper she is wearing for example, since it is covered in items such as penguins, stars and Nintendo Entertainment System controllers, denotes her as being geeky, yet innocent. This denotation is also seen in the part when the mechanic is looking in the girl’s room, since she has revision timetables, this connotes that she is hard working and organised, due to this, it links in to the early denotation with the girl’s jacket. Her hair is another denotation which shows that she is the final girl archetype, since it is brown and the stereotypical busty, sexually active girl is shown with blonde hair. The girl is also shown as being middle class because of the style of her house; this is connoted by the IPhone, the computer in her room, the furniture seen within her house etc.

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