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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

For my media product, 16 to 24 year olds would be the target audience with the media product being marked with a BBFC rating of 15. This is because after looking at the guidelines of the BBFC, I feel that the product is a 15 because it contains sexual references, the underwear sniffing part being a prime example, the amount of horror used for the opening and the references of violence. E.g. the killer slamming the mechanic on the head with a wrench. Recent examples of the 15 rating for the slasher/horror genre include, Scre4m (2011, Wes Craven) and The Roommate (2011, Christian E. Christiansen). These films gained the 15 rating because of the feeling of menace they have and the amount of violence seen in both films.

Another reason why my media product is targeted at the 16-24 year olds is that, the actors starring within  the film are aged within that age range and by aiming at that age range, and then the audience can then bond more with the characters and be immersed within the product making them want to watch it multiple times over and the characters represent the age range and social classes seen in reality, due to that it is verisimilitude. E.g. the girl is studying for her upcoming exams, connoted by the exam timetables she has posted up on her wardrobe.

Besides basing the chosen age rating by age rating, the rating is also based on gender and it will to both sexes because my product will appeal to females besides males, because of the twist of a female killer and due to that, it will give that feeling of girl power against male suppressors towards the female audience, which will attract them into watching the product. As for the males, they will be attracted also because of the female killer, despite being a final girl stereotype; she is depicting as being a wolf in sheep’s clothing and some men might find the girl sexy, due to that twist, since there are guys out there which judge a girl based on their looks, not their looks as it seems in this day and age.

From the feedback I got for the first rough cut, I was told to represent the social classes in a better manner and by doing that I expanded on the target audience I was aiming for in hand, by aiming it at the two social classes depicted in the film, working class and lower middle class. I can aim my media product at these audiences because of how the social classes depicted, since the audience can relate to these characters due to their, appearances, accents, and actions, making my media product verisimilitude. 

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