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Saturday, 22 January 2011

RS - Final Coursework Idea (To be filmed tomorrow, Sunday 23rd, January 2011)

We have mainly only made changes to the end of our opening
  • A man is looking for a car in a newspaper.
  • When he finds one he circles the address and details of the people who are selling it.
  • Then rips out the page and travels to the house by car.
  • Meanwhile a teenage girl home alone and she is talking to her boyfriend on her phone when she hears a knock at the door.
  • After a brief conversation she invites him in and then goes up stairs to get changed.
  • The mysterious man follows her upstairs and walks into a room he thought she went in only to find no one there.
  • He looks around the room and in a chest of drawers.
  • As he opens the draw we see a hooded figure standing behind him.
  • POV shot of the murderer with the knife and stabbing his victim.
  • The camera cuts to outside when we hear a girl screaming.
  • It then cuts again inside the house where there is a hand on the girls shoulder and when she turns around it is her boyfriend.
  • After a conversation they decide to go upstairs to the bedroom.
  • We see a shot of the "dead" man lying on the floor and background noise of the pair running up the stairs.
  • Extreme close up of the "dead" mans eyes opening.
  • The last shot is the man who was suppose to be dead sitting up when the scrren blacks out.

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