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Sunday, 16 January 2011

AN - Deconstruction of Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf (2005, Jeff Wadlow)

Budget: $1 million
UK Box Office takings: £190 k
US Box Office takings: $10 million

I decided to take a look at this film for the group, in order to find out what ideas from this film we can incorporate into our opening, since it is a slasher that has a twist and that's what we aim for our opening to be.

  • Narrative enigma of the killer, due to the lack of lighting.
  • Phone symbolises time period.
  • Point of view shots are used when the killer is chasing the girl during the opening.
  • A white flash transition is used in the opening to move onto the next scene.
  • A gun shot can be heard during the transition, this signifies what the killer's weapon of choice is.
  • High angle panning of a red forest is used to signify the season the film takes place in.
  • The wolf in the lying game could hint at a possible killer.
  • Cry Wolf has similarities with The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  • The killer's face is hidden via a mask = another narrative enigma.

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  1. you need to work on making your blog more audience friendly!
    eg, you've put in microdrama and other vids, but provided no text at all on what this is about!!! think of your audience not as me but some random web user
    likewise, need to see much greater use of hyperlinks and images. you list sev egs from Cry Wolf - get 1 or more screenshots to illustrate, and/or embed a short scene or clip to demonstrate to your reader
    and only embed Word docs that are sev pages long, or have a particular layout - the pitch doc should have a normal post ... plus, where's the film of this?


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