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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

AN - Deconstruction of Spirited Away (Practice Evaluation Task)

Spirited Away (2001, Hayao Miyazaki)

Budget: 1,900,000,000 Yen
UK Box Office Takings: £542,530
US Box Office Takings: $10,049,886

  • The company idents appear, Optimum Releasing (Distributor) and Studio Ghibli (Production)
  • Production and distribution companies appear together all at once to form the opening credits.
  • Piano playing in the background (Non-diagetic)
  • Close up of a bunch of flowers with a message written in Japanese.
  • High angle shot of a girl lying down on the back seat of a car.
  • Equilibrium - family driving to a new town they've just moved to.
  • Regular family conversation taking place.
  • No opening credits, since it seems that they would get in the way of the action.
  • Film title appears in big, white font.
  • Dis-equilibrium - family get lost and end up in an abandoned town, but they then decide to explore it and due to a turn of events, the parents are turned into pigs, this symbolises the parent's greed.

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